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Peter Yegen, Junior Golf Club

Listing Type: Public Golf Course
City: Billings Montana
Phone: 656-8099

Description: Welcome to Peter Yegen, Junior Golf Club. An MSGA handicap card can be purchased for $15.00 in the Pro shop at any time. Cards come out once a month and can be picked up in the Pro shop. 9 Hole scores are allowed into the computer this year! Ask someone in the Pro shop for more details.

If you are interested in putting a tournament together this summer, please call the pro shop to check for the availability of dates and times. We require a $50 deposit to secure your date, and cannot put you in the date book until this is received. The deposit will then be credited to your final bill.

Junior Lesson Programs: There are a few different programs taught throughout the summer by the golf professionals and staff. The YMCA has a golf camp welcome to all ages. This camp runs every Friday for five weeks starting at a designated time. For more information or to sign up, call the YMCA. The Rocky Mountain College holds a three-day golf clinic which is also taught by the golf professionals and staff. This camp is two to three days long, and is three hours each day. To find out more details or to sign up, please call.

Golf lessons: Adults: $25 a lesson or $100 for a series of five, Juniors: $15 a lesson or $75 for a series of five.

Green Fees: 18 holes - $23.00, 9 holes - $15.00, Cart Fees: 18 holes - $18.00, 9 holes - $10.00

Directions: Directions from Interstate 90 to the Yegen Golf Course: take the Shiloh Road Exit, turn right on Shiloh Road, head north to Grand Avenue, turn right at the 4-way stop onto Grand Avenue, turn right into the course 3/4 of a mile down Grand Ave.

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